Free upgrade to better vision

From today until 30 November 2020 31 January 2021 (offer extended!) you can benefit from a FREE upgrade to better vision. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain...

Varifocal/Progressive lenses

If you're a varifocal wearer you can upgrade to lenses which are matched in the very best possible way to your personal demands, thanks to the Multigressiv MyLife® lens.

  • Considerable improvement to visual quality
  • Spontaneous well-being and outstanding spatial perception
  • Up to 25% better vision in the near and intermediate range
  • Lenses designed to emphasise different focusing distances depending on lifestyle: Active, Allround and Expert
  • Revolutionary eye lens technology


  • You like experiencing new things
  • You carry out diverse tasks in everyday life
  • You are constantly looking for variety

Pictures of an all rounder lifestyle

Example: Sabine
Sabine is a secondary school teacher. At school she must perform activities at various viewing distances. Also at home she completes diverse tasks in the household: She cooks, drives her children to gymnastics and ballet, plays sport and enjoys reading. She needs progressive lenses which offer her maximum visual comfort in all activities in all three vision zones - far, intermediate and near.


  • You spend a lot of time outdoors
  • You enjoy your active and exciting life
  • You are always on the move

Pictures of an active lifestyle

Example: Frank
Frank is an emergency doctor by profession. He spends a lot of time on the road with his job and must always be on call. He also spends a great deal of time outside in his leisure time. He needs spectacles for his job which he can rely on at all times. That’s why he decided on the ACTIVE variant of Rodenstock progressive lenses. They provide him with extremely high image stability and large fields of view for far and intermediate distances.


  • You often work on the go
  • You have many meetings and presentations
  • You use a lot of digital devices throughout the day

Pictures of an expert lifestyle

Example: Yvonne
Yvonne is a business consultant. As a weekend commuter, she is often out and about on the train or plane. Her job demands frequent use of her laptop and tablet. She likes to read in her spare time. With her Rodenstock progressive lenses, she therefore chose the EXPERT variant. Because they give her ideal and smooth vision at all distances, as well as a large and clear intermediate zone.

Single vision lenses

For single vision wearers, you can upgrade to our custom-made, effect-optimised lenses which offer a multi-spherical surface design for outstanding visual comfort. Multigressiv Mono® & Mono® Plus offers you:

  • Considerable improvement to visual quality
  • Reduced distortion and enhanced field of vision
  • Finely graduated base curve system for an aesthetically perfect fit

Don't miss out! You have until 30 November to make the most of this fantastic free upgrade!

Better vision for no extra cost at Barracloughs
Better vision for no extra cost at Barracloughs

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