2015 - A Year of Development for Barracloughs

As 2015 winds down and draws to an end, we wanted to look back on what was, for Barracloughs Opticians, a very busy year packed full of developments and exciting changes. Let's take a look at all that was achieved...

Barracloughs: Rebranded

The biggest change you saw was of course the rebrand of Barracloughs. For a number of years we'd seen that our brand was looking more and more outdated. We've always moved with the times as much as possible so we had to do something about it. From two focus group meetings involving the entire Barracloughs workforce and of course customers of Barracloughs, we gained more than enough input to point us in the right direction as to how our new image should look. You are all individuals and deserve to be treated as such. In July a rebrand launch party was held for our staff which introduced the new look to everybody and from then on we've been gradually rolling out the new look, store by store.

Along with the rebrand of course comes new look products for you. We have spent a long time considering and designing the best products. We've been gradually running existing stock down but you'll soon start to see the new look bags, spray twin packs, case cloths and cases making their way to your local store. We'll be changing the designs throughout the year, ensuring a fresh look, always! We also introduced our new staff uniform to retain the consistent new look across the group.

Thank you to...

John McCarthy, for all those months of hard work designing our new identity. Thank you to all those customers who helped us see what you wanted from a trusted and well established optician. Thank you also to our team who as always gave their all during this important project.

Rebranded products
Rebranded products, as individual as you are

Relocation to Silverhill

Another big project this year was the relocation of your St. Leonards store. After more than 30 years in London Road, we made the decision to move to a different area of St. Leonards. We moved to Sedlescombe Road North where we opened the first of our new-look stores. Smaller premises but bright, modern... and beautiful! It even carries as many frame ranges as the old store (over 700 frames) and is situated in the centre of Silverhill - a great community that welcomed us from the beginning.

Thank you to...

Witham Brothers for making the move as smooth a journey as possible! Also, huge thanks to Olympic Signs for the impressive exterior signage and interior graphics. Thanks also go out to the Silverhill community for the warm welcome we received.

Your new look Silverhill store
Your Silverhill store was the first to be rebranded

Your Seventh Store Opened

After 18 years of being a six-store group, remaining in East Sussex we opened the doors to store number seven in Uckfield. Formerly Private Eye Optometrists. Soon after we also merged with the customer base of Clive Hazelgrove Optometrists. Existing Private Eye staff remained to become a valued part of the Barracloughs team and we found the public and the businesses of Uckfield to be very welcoming. We've enjoyed becoming a part of this vibrant and close community. The store will be rebranded in the first week or two of 2016 which we are very excited about.

Thank you to...

The Private Eye team for being so patient during the transition and for remaining a part of the Barracloughs team. Thank you also to all the people of Uckfield for welcoming us to your town!

Your Uckfield store
Your Uckfield store

Seaford Store Refit

For a long time we have been planning the refit of your Seaford store and in November this work was completed within the three week window we planned for. The new store is so much bigger and brighter with a very wide range of frame ranges and exciting new technology throughout.

Thank you to...

Barnes Design for another fabulous store refit and for working to schedule as always. We appreciate the patience of our neighbours in Seaford during the extensive building works which would have been a little noisy at times. Thanks also to our team who worked hard getting everything back to normal!

Your new look Seaford store
Your new Seaford store - bigger, brighter, more modern

Eyes on Health Campaign

We had great fun running our huge Eyes on Health campaign towards the end of the year. We spent ten weeks promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how that can aid healthy vision. We provided lots of printed material and posted a plethora of facts, myths and information on all ten topics across all our social media networks and our website. We held an open day at our new Silverhill store and held a prize draw where one lucky winner won a fruit and veg hamper!

Thank you to...

All of you that engaged with our many social media posts and all who came along to our Eyes on Health open day in Silverhill.

Eyes on Health at Barracloughs
Eyes on Health at Barracloughs

New Technology

We introduced even more advanced technology within the group, installing additional ImpressionIST 3D Video Measurement systems in our Seaford and Uckfield stores. These machines allow for extreme accuracy when measuring your face to make sure your eyewear is as comfortable as possible. We're using additional iPads at all stores and we are very excited at the imminent installation of a brand new DNEye Scanner at our Seaford store, one of only 11 in the country. The DNEye Scanner can create a digital 'fingerprint' of your eyes to enable us to produce the very best lenses for your vision. More to follow on that very soon!

Thank you to...

The team at Rodenstock UK for their valued help with installing these essential devices.

ImpressionIST technology
ImpressionIST - High-tech consulting and 3D video centering system

William Morris Style Days

Once again, we had a great time holding our William Morris Style Days this year. We had an event at Battle and Eastbourne, both of which went down really well. We have some great ideas for the next Style Day which may well be a little different to previous incarnations!

Thank you to...

Paul Wilson and the rest of the William Morris team for their support during the Style Days. Thank you to our Battle and Eastbourne teams for their effort in making the stores look amazing for each event.

William Morris Style Day at your Eastbourne store
William Morris Style Day at your Eastbourne store

EyeDream Orthokeratology Lenses

This year we were pleased to start offering orthokeratology lenses which correct your vision while you sleep. EyeDream lenses are a safe and reversible alternative to laser surgery, worn overnight to reduce the power of your cornea - an ideal solution for short sighted people.

Thank you to...

No. 7 Contact Lenses for the extensive training provided.

Safe, reversible vision correction
Safe, reversible vision correction from EyeDream OrthoK

Staff Training

We held a number of training sessions for our staff to improve the quality of service provided to you. We often train to enhance staff skills and to boost motivation and morale of staff!

Thank you to...

Our team for taking the time to attend the training sessions, many of whom did so out of their own free time.

The Barracloughs Team
The Barracloughs Team

So, that just about sums up 2015 and we aim to make 2016 just as successful where we will make sure every element of the business runs as efficiently as possible which in turn will provide you with the best service achievable. We feel it will be another busy one, beginning with an exciting announcement shortly after Christmas!

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