Children's Vision

Any parent will say how their children are their priority. However, many overlook their children's vision. If nothing is mentioned by the child we can easily assume all is well, but children can't always tell us if there is a problem with their sight. They don't know what clear vision is meant to be like! If you're a parent, when was the last time your child's vision was assessed?

Eyes on Health, week 8 - Children's Vision
Eyes on Health, week 8 - Children's Vision


Dyslexia is suffered by 10% of the population of the UK and considered one of the most common learning difficulties. It's an umbrella term which is not based on intelligence, but more related to difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters and other symbols. If your child is struggling to read we can provide a Coloured Overlay/Rate of Reading Assessment to determine whether certain coloured filters can help your child to read. These filters can then be applied to lenses.

Good habits for life

As we've mentioned over the past weeks, healthy eating is not only great for your body, but your eyes too. It's never too early to get your children used to eating well. Leafy greens, eggs, carrots and sweet potato are all great examples. If your child spends excessive amounts of time in front of a computer or on a tablet/smartphone, their eyes could suffer and become tired so it's often a good idea to limit use on these devices from a young age. If your child is a teenager, they may be studying for their GCSE's as you read this.

They might be learning to drive, they may participate regularly in sports. Whatever the scenario, think about whether their vision could be affecting their performance.

Good habits for life for your children
Good habits for life for your children

Sun Protection - Why Wait For Summer?

Children love to play outdoors - this is great but always consider the harmful rays from the sun, not just during the summer months either. Children's sunglasses are always a good option or even giving your child a hat to shield the head and eyes. We also offer a fantastic range of children's ophthalmic eye wear of course, a popular favourite being the William Morris Young Wills range.

Year round protection for children
Year round UV protection for children

We could talk on and on about eye care for the younger generation, but we'll save some for the coming week, where we'll be posting some useful information on Facebook and Twitter for all you parents out there! Remember, it's never too early to get your child's vision checked.

Miraflex frames for children
Miraflex frames for children
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