The Atlantic Challenge Has Begun!

Dan Renner and Phil McCorry of Bexhill Rowing Club are now rowing across the Atlantic Ocean on their Atlantic Challenge! They plan to row a whopping 2500 nautical miles and make land in the Caribbean. Not only that, they plan to do this in no more than 45 days.

They have now set off from Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, rowing east to west, aiming for Barbados in the Caribbean. The start of the adventure was slightly delayed due to a broken boat trailer axel and a blown up Range Rover (yes, you read correctly! See more here) but this hasn't deterred our boys. Phil and Dan are fundraising for St. Mary's School and College.

Dan Renner and Phil McCorry, ready for the challenge!
Dan Renner and Phil McCorry, ready for the challenge!

M.D. Jeremy Heynes donating sunglasses to the rowers

Last month we donated each of the rowers a pair of Maui Jim and a pair of Adidas sunglasses for their trip. Sports sunglasses can make all the difference on a venture like this. The Adidas eyewear even comes equipped with special floats on the head bands, should they ever fall into the water.

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