Dry Eye Relief with MGDRX EyeBag

MGDRX EyeBag is the latest effective treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and other common dry eye syndromes and complaints. Convenient, simple and ridiculously easy to use, the EyeBag is a re-usable warm compress which treats a variety of eyelid and eye problems. Eye Surgeons, doctors and opticians frequently advise regular use of a warm compress but hot wet face flannels are a real hassle and less effective than the MGDRX EyeBag.

The EyeBag was devised in 2004 by Mr Teifi James, a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon who works in West Yorkshire. The EyeBag is a patented, CE marked Class 1 medical device registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory Agency (the MHRA). Over 60,000 patients have already benefitted from the EyeBag and the feedback is excellent.

"The EyeBag® is a wholly UK manufactured product with production, packaging and distribution all carried out in West Yorkshire. Even the flax contents are locally sourced. We run a lean and highly efficient operation which allows us to fulfil our customers’ requirements quickly and yet maintain a close relationship with both our retail and trade customers."Mr Teifi James
The MGDRX EyeBag
The MGDRX EyeBag

Simply microwave for 30 seconds and lay the warm EyeBag across the closed eyes. The warmth softens and releases the natural oils in the eyelid glands which are then able to 'lubricate the blink'. Use the EyeBag for ten minutes twice every day for a fortnight to rapidly relieve the symptoms of dry eye syndrome, blepharitis, stye and eyelid cysts. You won't believe how quickly your sore gritty tired burning eyes improve.

Available now at all stores for the eye-wateringly low price of just £20 each!

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