Overnight Vision Correction Now Available

We're pleased to announce the launch of revolutionary overnight vision correction contact lenses, EyeDream. This popular alternative to laser surgery could be the ideal solution for you if you've ever considered laser eye surgery but have been put off by the cost and potential risks.

Safe and reversible overnight vision correction
Safe and reversible overnight vision correction

EyeDream is a vision therapy that brings a modern approach to a technique also known as orthokeratology (or Ortho-K). EyeDream lenses are manufactured from special highly oxygen permeable material. When worn during the night these lenses apply a controlled shape to the 'window' of the eye, the cornea, eliminating your short sightedness. This effect stays strong enough for you to function the entire day without the need for spectacles or contact lenses.

See the difference

Pop your EyeDream lenses in before you go to bed, remove them when you wake up, enjoy clear and natural vision all day. The time taken to notice the difference is dependant upon the individual, sometimes it can be noticeable after just one night, for others it can take a little longer.

A topography eye contour image

The process is simple: Your eyes are scanned using a non-contact Tonometer at our Battle store, this should take no more than five minutes. Once we have mapped the contours of your eyes, your lenses will be custom made to fit you perfectly. Two weeks after your initial appointment, we'll see you again to show you the best way to insert and remove your new lenses, after which you can wear them overnight and return the next morning (still wearing your lenses) to check how they feel and to see how your vision is.

After this point you wear them overnight for around two weeks and then pop back again for us to assess your vision. After that, you're free to enjoy clear vision using this safe and reversible therapy.

Lenses in, lenses out, perfect vision!

If your lenses are not comfortable enough, we can send them off for modification up to two times following your initial wearing of the original pair. Unlike laser surgery, EyeDream is fully reversible. If you find the treatment does not work, you can revert to glasses or conventional contact lenses without having made any permanent changes. There is also evidence that the lenses may slow down the progression of myopia in those whose vision would otherwise get steadily worse.

EyeDream utilises a tried and tested lens design that has been available in Europe since 2002 and currently boasts thousands of happy patients. This service is available to patients with a spectacle prescription of -0.75D to -5.00D and is also available for children, please ask for details. Read more about the benefits and pricing of EyeDream lenses here.

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