Overnight Vision Correction

Laser eye surgery is a daunting prospect to say the least. Not many would like the idea of a laser being used to cut a very thin flap in your cornea which is peeled back for further lasering underneath. There are risks involved too.

The alternative to laser eye surgery

Laser surgery is not the only option

Picture a solution that improves your eyesight and provides clear and comfortable vision without the need for spectacles or contact lenses during the day. EyeDream does exactly that! This new concept brings a unique, modern approach to an already well-established technique known as orthokeratology. No more restrictions on how long you wear your lenses, no more irritation from smoky environments and the freedom to be as active as you want. How does that sound?

How does EyeDream work?

Simply put, it works through overnight vision correction. It is a specially designed contact lens that reduces the power of the cornea (at the front of the eye) by wearing it overnight. You put your EyeDream lenses in before you go to bed, take them out when you wake up, leaving you with clear natural vision all day.

Lenses in, lenses out, natural vision

EyeDream is an ideal solution for low to mid shortsighted people who:

  • Would like clear and natural vision all day, every day
  • Find that soft contact lenses aren't comfortable enough for their lifestyle
  • Are involved in recreational and sports activities where periods without wearing contact lenses and glasses is ideal
  • Have considered laser surgery because of the freedom it provides, but are worried about the potential risks involved
  • EyeDream is suited to those with a spherical spectacle prescription of -0.75D up to -5.00D or astigmatism of up to -2.50D

Lady smiling, laying in bed

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