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Spot any changes in eye health early on

We can now see more than before

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a very detailed non-contact eye scan. OCT scanning uses light waves to take cross-section images of the back of the eye (the retina). It is quick and painless, nothing touches your eye at all - it takes a few seconds additional to your usual eye test.

OCT is similar to an ultrasound in how it works. It allows us to monitor any changes to your eye health and quickly identify the smallest abnormalities. With this hospital-grade technology we can see the retina's distinctive layers and study cross sections of the very back of your eye in incredible detail.

Measurements taken help with diagnosis and also provide treatment guidance for glaucoma and other eye-related conditions such as diabetes and macular degeneration (AMD).
Lady having OCT scan carried out
OCT equipment
Nidek OCT

Any questions?

Having an OCT scan in combination with your normal eye test will allow us to obtain the most detailed information about your overall eye health. Early detection will lead to timely treatment and better outcomes for the health of your eye and your overall health.

Why OCT?

There are a lot of benefits to having an OCT scan at your next visit, to name a few...
Even if you feel your eye health and vision is fine, there could be early signs of changes that you can't see. OCT gives us the best view of your retina and the layers within.
Earlier detection
OCT scanning can see a lot more of the eye than regular retinal imaging. Retinal imaging produces a 30-50 degree view of the retina.
We see more of the eye
As we do already with any retinal images taken during your visits, we can compare your OCT scans too. We'll compare any measurements to the averages and can see even the smallest of changes.
A more detailed comparison
This is the same technology used by hospitals, it creates a 3D image of the eye, giving us the best chance of spotting any changes in your eye health.
Hospital grade technology

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