Stroke Awareness Day

On Saturday, our Battle team welcomed the Rotary Club of Senlac in-store for a Stroke Awareness Day. A third of those people whose blood pressure was checked were referred to their GP for further investigation. The Rotary Clubs of Senlac and Battle worked with the Stroke Association to make people aware of the risks of strokes at an event in Battle. Some 40 people were seen and thirteen of those exhibited a blood pressure outside the normally expected range.

Novelty Contact Lenses - Know the Risks

At this time of year, we get many people asking about novelty contact lenses. With lots of Halloween parties and events going on, it's a popular accessory, but there are true-to-life horrors that come with it...

Win a Fruit and Veg Hamper!

Every September we see National Eye Health Week take place, a national awareness campaign to help us all enjoy healthier vision. Too many of us take the gift of sight for granted, so sometimes we just need a little reminder as to just how lucky we are.

The Dangers of UV Damage

With summer now far behind us and the winter sports season upon us, it is essential to continue to raise awareness of the importance of protecting eyes from UV damage at all times. A UK survey of contact lens wearers has shown that while 65% of them are concerned about protecting their eyes from harmful UV rays only 6% consider using protection on a cloudy day. Further to this, 90% state they only feel exposed to UV rays in summer,1 however, it is well established that UV exposure can be a significant risk all year round and the hours of peak exposure for the eyes can differ from those of skin.

Contact Lenses

Believe it or not, contact lenses have been around for well over 100 years. Previously only available as rigid lenses, soft contact lenses became available more recently and quickly became the preferred choice. If you've been considering contact lenses but have been unsure of the benefits, the facts or the risks - look no further as we explain everything to you. We have more information across our Social Media platforms all week too!

Children's Vision

Any parent will say how their children are their priority. However, many overlook their children's vision. If nothing is mentioned by the child we can easily assume all is well, but children can't always tell us if there is a problem with their sight. They don't know what clear vision is meant to be like! If you're a parent, when was the last time your child's vision was assessed?

Safe Driving

Poor vision causes an estimated 3000 casualties on the road each year. Make sure you don't become a statistic - is your vision up to the legal requirement for driving?

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