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UV protection

Exposure to Ultra Violet radiation can cause changes to the front of the eye (the white of the eye). Long term exposure can also result in damage the internal components causing Cataracts in the lenses of the eyes and Macular Degeneration on the retina.

Wearing sunglasses with thicker sides or a wraparound design, increases protection against UV. Wearing a hat is also beneficial, particularly with activities such as dog walking or gardening. With outdoor pursuits such as skiing, sailing or fishing you are exposed to potentially a double dose of UV due to reflections from snow or water.

Exposure to Ultra Violet radiation can cause changes to the eye
Exposure to Ultra Violet radiation can cause changes to the eye

Overexposure to UV radiation has been linked to a number of eye diseases, the most serious of which include macular degeneration and cataracts. We now offer 'fitons' or 'fitovers' which you simply wear over your existing spectacles. We're proud to be an authorised stockist of Cocoons® which are regarded as the best fitovers in the world. They're convenient, comfortable and stylish, plus they'll protect your eyes and the surrounding area around the eye, from every angle. What's more, they come with a lifetime guarantee!

With sports such as tennis, bowls or golf, it is possible to have specific tints to help optimise your vision as well as provide a high level of protection from UV.


We have great options for the kids too, with the fantastic Minishades collection - backed by the Hide 'n' Seek Loss Warranty - broken or lost your pair? No problem, get a free replacement pair

Read more about the importance of UV protection here.

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