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We think you'll ask yourself...

"Why didn't I try contact lenses sooner?"

They're fantastic for active lifestyles, sports, exercising and travel
They're comfortable to wear, with no potentially obscuring spectacles frames
No reflections in sunshine, no fogging during colder days
Contact lenses
Discover the freedom

Think of the benefits

Experience natural all-round vision with this simple and convenient alternative to glasses. Adaptation to contact lenses is quick and trouble-free, plus they're suitable for people of all ages!

How often do you want to replace your lenses?

Perfect for part-time wear. With no cleaning required they are great for any occasion. Wear them once and then throw them away! They represent the healthiest option for your eyes.
Lady doing exercises

Your contact lenses delivered to your door

These days, using contact lenses is easier than ever thanks to new technologies and new materials. Not only that, you can have fresh lenses delivered to your door when it's time for your replacement!

  • Peace of mind for you
  • No need to venture out to collect your new lenses/solutions
  • An easy way to ensure you're using new lenses when you should be
  • Convenience during today's busy times

Which type of contact lens?

(tap each box read more)

Single Vision Spherical - these contact lenses correct short sight or long sight.

These lenses have regular or round curvatures to correct myopia (short sidedness) or hyperopia (long sightedness). As this is the most common category of vision correction it has the largest range of lens types and options to choose from.

Astigmatism / Toric - these lenses correct astigmatism in addition to short sight or long sight.

These lenses have irregular or cylindrical curvatures to correct astigmatism as well as myopia (short sightedness) or hyperopia (long sightedness). Due to technical advances we now have a larger range of lens types and options to choose from.

Bifocal / Multifocal - these lenses correct the need for reading glasses that develops over time.

These lenses have multiple corrections in one lens to help with presbyopia (the need for reading glasses with age) enabling you to see near and far at the same time. Due to technical advances there is a much greater range of lens types and options to choose from. Unlike spectacles you do not need to lift or lower your head making them very easy to get used to.

Lenses for Children - even young children can wear them.

They can be considered from as early as ages 8 or 9, studies have shown that they can be very successful in wearing, handling and looking after their contact lenses. Daily disposable contact lenses are ideal and safer for children due to the added hygiene and convenience of not having to clean or store them.

High Oxygen / Hydration - Ideal for longer periods of wear and critical visual tasks that allow more oxygen through them and help to keep your eyes hydrated.

Improving oxygen supply and hydration helps reduce tiredness and redness associated with longer periods of wear. They also help dry eyes when performing critical visual tasks such as working on computers and digital devices. The widespread demanding use of digital devices in our lives today requires more advanced and higher performing contact lenses to help make life more comfortable.

UV Blocking - these lenses protect your eyes by limiting the amount of harmful UV from entering the eye.

Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause damage to your eyes which can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration. These lenses contain an advanced UV absorbing monomer that acts as another line of defence to help block harmful UV radiation. Avoiding long term UV radiation is important for healthy eyes and UV blocking is particularly beneficial for outdoors activities.

Transition™ Lenses - Say goodbye to squinting in the sun.

These lenses seamlessly adapt to changing light, indoors and out. They reduce the stressful impact of bright light, reduce glare at night and improve colour contrast. Anybody who has used self-tinting spectacle lenses will know how beneficial they can be. Now contact lens wearers can enjoy those benefits too.

Overnight Wear and Myopia management with Eyedream - wearing contact lenses overnight for convenience or vision correction.

Wearing contact lenses on a continuous basis without removal can be very convenient but increases the risk of eye infection. Only lenses that are specifically designed for this should be worn during sleep. Orthokeratology or Ortho-K uses rigid specially designed Eyedream lenses to alter the shape of the front of the eye and correct vision by wearing overnight and nothing during the day.

Our Contact Lens Plans

Daily Disposable contact lens plan

Fee Only

This covers fees for eyecare appointments only and is ideal for those who just want occasional wear such as for sports and social.

Lenses are not included but purchased separately in packs as required. Suitable for all lens types.

  • Annual contact lens check-up
  • Extra contact lens appointments as required
  • Upgraded eye examination every 2 years
  • 10% OFF complete pairs of spectacles and sunglasses
  • 10% OFF solutions and accessories

From £8 per month

Daily Disposable contact lens plan

Daily Disposable

This covers fees for eyecare appointments and regular supplies of daily disposable lenses. It is perfect for those who want the convenience of no cleaning and the hygiene of fresh lenses every day. 90 pair packs of lenses are typically supplied every 3 months. Home delivery is included for free.

All the benefits of Fee Only, plus:

  • Your regular supply of contact lenses
  • Up to 25% OFF complete pairs of spectacles and sunglasses
  • Free replacement lenses where available
  • FREE home delivery

From £32 per month

Reusable contact lens plan


This covers fees for eyecare appointments and regular supplies of lenses with solutions. It is more cost effective for those who want to wear every day but lenses do require cleaning. Lenses and solutions are typically supplied every 3 months with the option of home delivery.

All the benefits of Fee Only, plus:

  • Your regular supply of contact lenses
  • All the cleaning solutions you need
  • Up to 25% OFF complete pairs of spectacles and sunglasses
  • FREE replacement lenses where available

From £19 per month

Monthly Direct Debit Fees

Plan membership and aftercare: £8 or £14 for Extended Wear
Daily replacementfrom £24.00
Weekly replacement (incl. extended wear)from £27.50
Two-weekly replacementfrom £14.00
Monthly replacementfrom £7.00
Monthly replacement toricfrom £12.00
Monthly replacement multifocalfrom £18.50
Solutionsfrom £4.00

Consultation Fees

New and existing wearers

Initial comfort trial to assess suitabilityFREE
Initial refit / fitting pack (up to 3 appointments)£90.00
Additional fitting pack (up to 3 appointments)£90.00
Annual aftercare£80 or included for plan members
Once signed up to the Direct Debit, the monthly membership fee, £8 or £14 per month is non-refundable. Prices correct as of April 2023.

Ready for a free trial?

Contact your local store to arrange your free contact lens trial,
we think you'll love wearing them!
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No. 7 Contact Lenses
Worldwide, contact lenses are enjoyed safely by millions of people, however they need to be treated with respect. The tips below will help to keep your eyes healthy.


  • Have regular check-ups
  • Wash your hands prior to handling lenses
  • Clean your lenses as instructed
  • Clean the case after use and replace it regularly
  • Replace lenses as advised
  • Discard any solutions past their expiry date
  • Keep to the solutions and wearing times advised
  • Keep an up-to-date pair of spectacles as a back up


  • Use saliva or water on your lenses or case
  • Use lenses for water sports, unless wearing goggles
  • Re-use solution, always use fresh solution
  • Use any solutions unless recommended
  • Apply a lens if it is dirty, dusty or damaged
  • Wear lenses for longer than advised
  • Sleep in your lenses, unless specifically advised


Do my eyes feel good?
1. Do my eyes feel good? No discomfort.
Do my eyes look good?
2. Do my eyes look good? No redness.
Do I see well?
3. Do I see well? No blurring.
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